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Sprint Progress Report Template - Create A Good Progress Report


If you want to get more knowledge about sprint progress report template, then you came to the right place. Exactly what it sounds like, a progress report is a document that explains in detail how far you have progressed towards the completion of a project.

It describes the tasks you've finished, the activities you've carried out, and the milestones you've reached in relation to the plan for your project.

In most cases, a report of progress is written for either a supervisor, a colleague, or a client. You have the option of having it written on your behalf, or you can collaborate with your teammates to produce a team progress report.

You might be required to give a progress report once a week, once a month, or at each milestone that represents 25% of the project's completion depending on the size and scope of the project.

You will probably end up writing more reports than you can count over the course of your career (here's a challenge for you: count them all and figure out how many resources you're utilizing!).

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It's possible that you find yourself spending more time analyzing data and populating graphs with numbers than you do actually working.

Progress Report Sample

A sample progress report
A sample progress report

Have you ever been unable to start writing, even though you were tapping your pen or staring at a blinking cursor on your computer screen?

When it comes to writing progress reports, having an experience like that is not uncommon. This is especially true for individuals whose jobs typically do not involve writing lengthy documents.

People's preconceived notions that they are not writers contribute to the fact that they may find it challenging to write these reports. However, that is entirely a mental construct.

Reports do not call for the use of complicated language; in fact, the more straightforward your writing is, the better. The following are some suggestions for writing reports.

Consider it a Q&A session because that is exactly what it is. Consider your manager, colleagues, or client asking you questions and you answering them. Assume you're organizing a weekend fair with food stalls and live music, and you're in charge of food concessions.

The project plan may stipulate that you obtain letters of intent (LOI) from at least ten businesses by the end of the first month. Use straightforward and simple language. This does not preclude you from using technical jargon.

For example, if you work in construction, you don't have to avoid terms like "tender," "variation," and "risk management." Otherwise, speak clearly. Use simple, direct language.

When possible, avoid using the passive voice. You can't always avoid using the passive voice in formal documents that forbid using the first person. However, when done correctly, it can significantly improve the relatability of your report.

In the case of the food concession, a passive sentence would be: "Research on potential food concessionaires was conducted." To make that sentence active, add an actor (in this case, the team), as in: "The team researched potential food concessionaires."

People Also Ask

How Do I Report Sprint Progress?

The Sprint Progress report is a detailed grid that shows the daily task hours by user remaining for each story for a sprint, grouped by task.

What Should A Sprint Report Look Like?

The name and dates of your Sprint should be at the top of the report. The report should include the project team members and their roles. The report should be a one-pager document or no more than one or two ppt pages. The report should include both information and charts.

How Do I Create A Sprint Report In Excel?

Navigate to Jira's Blue bar and click the Search Icon. If you filter by Project Name or Sprint Name, a list of all issues related to the project you've chosen will be displayed. Now, on the right top of the search results screen, click the export icon and select the Export to Excel (CVV) all files option.

Final Words

Once you've finally finished typing up your progress report, exhale a sigh of relief, but don't press the send button just yet.

Go over it at least once (preferably twice, especially if it's a team report). Reread the article, make any necessary changes, and then have a teammate proofread it for you.

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