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Meet Prof. Dr. Tamer Koçel - Member Of High Advisory Board


Prof. Dr. Tamer Koçel graduated from Kabataş High School for Boys in 1963 and the Faculty of Economics at Istanbul University in 1967. He completed his studies in the Management Development Program at the Institute of Business Administration and he earned his Doctorate degree from Istanbul University in 1970. Professor Koçel also obtained an MBA degree from Michigan State University, USA, in 1974.

He was promoted to Associate Professorship at Istanbul University in 1975. Then he attended the Executive Development Program at the BANFF School of Advanced Management in Alberta, Canada in 1977.

He worked as the Secretary General and Education Coordinator at the Institute of Business Administration, Istanbul University, between 1975 and 1979. He was a Visiting Scholar and then an Associate Chairman at the Water E. Heller Business School of Roosevelt University in Chicago, USA, between 1980 and 1982. Previously, Prof. Koçel worked as a department chair and Professor of Business Management and Organization at Istanbul University, Department of Business Management.

In 1999, Prof. Koçel joined Istanbul Kültür University. He served as the Dean of Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences and also Vice-Rector for five years. He served as the rector of İstanbul Kültür University between 2004 and 2008. Prof. Koçel has published several articles and is the author of the books "Business Management" and "Management Concepts and Techniques".

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