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The Geopolitics Of Jewels - The Use Of These Areas For Political Gain


Global events that are happening right now have a direct and immediate impact on the diamond and jewelry businesses, this is the geopolitics of jewels.

Beginning in February 2022, Putin's invasion of Ukraine imposed a ban on the free export of Russian diamonds around the world. Over 28% of the world's diamond production was originally supplied by Russia's state-controlled Alrosa mining corporation.

The Geopolitics Of Jewels

We might also consider the nearly complete suspension of China's business during the COVID-19 global closures in China and Hong Kong.

The China Diamond Exchange Center in Shanghai had to close since there had been no diamond shipments into China for several months. The required 7 and 14 day Hong Kong quarantines added to the commotion.

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You can see the latest new from diamond exchange market in Bernardine and their hot news about jewelry industry.

Politics And The Cost Of Doing Business

The international community was obliged to obstruct Burma's gemstone commerce because of the military terrorists and totalitarian government there; as a result, almost no items are reaching the market.

Early supporters of avoiding doing business with Myanmar included Harry Winston and Cartier, both of whom sell extremely premium Burmese ruby and jade, in addition to other jewels.

Human rights activists urged major jewelers to stop doing business with Myanmar by 2021.By prohibiting the trade in Myanmar's jewels, it sent a strong statement and put pressure on the military government in that country by limiting the income from its wealthy mining industry.

LGD's Increasing Growth

A favorable environment for LGD to thrive was created by rising inflation and declining discretionary spending. While all of those global factors are at play, lab-grown diamonds (LGD) are steadily gaining ground in the retail sector. Simply by taking a peek at LGD's enormous profit margins, you can see how easy it is.

I was shocked by his proposal because I am one of the most ardent opponents of these manufactured goods. A major LGD manufacturer had approached us and offered LEIBISH a lucrative partnership, including cutting and manufacturing LGD fancy color diamonds and selling the goods on our website with up to 500% profit.

But my son Shmulik, a GG, looked at the goods while maintaining a poker face. I did, too, and they're not ugly. Fortunately, they do not resemble an actual pink diamond and, when viewed from the top, pale in comparison to the color of an Argyle pink diamond.

Really, what we were interested in finding out was how LGD gamers were replicating real Leibish Argyle pink diamonds. We never considered forming a partnership to sell LGD and deceive consumers using our name and reputation.

His proposition with a 500% profit is excellent, but not for us, I responded, adding, "We'll keep to our beliefs and reputation." We still follow the traditional methods of "producing wine from grapes and mining and polishing genuine natural diamonds."

What Is Going On In India?

Surat, India, is home to more than 5,000 diamond manufacturing facilities, making it the largest manufacturing hub in the world. This contains the most advanced, sizable diamond polishing facilities found anywhere in the world. Rough from Russia is no longer arriving in Surat, and thus roughly 25% of the city's companies have switched to producing LGD.

As a result, there is a lack of goods in all exotic colors, and prices are continuing to rise. In contrast to pessimistic projections that the jewelry industry would decline significantly in 2022, sales are actually increasing, with positive increases made so far.

Surat Trade Center in India
Surat Trade Center in India

Right now, diamonds and gemstones provide the most potential. The chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, Michael Burke, stated that fine jewelry is one of, if not the, category with the highest growth rates in his company.Additionally, all firms are attempting to broaden their appeal by introducing additional premium goods. For instance, Graff just expanded its line of fragrances.

A Recession

For some in the trade, the situation is extremely perplexing because all of this is happening at the same time as there is a lot of talk about a potential US recession.Personally, I'm happy because our Internet site is seeing a healthy and expanding demand for natural fancy-colored diamonds and gemstones, and our regular trade clients are keeping us busy with solid trade sales.

There hasn't been a recession in the US or a significant decline in the diamond sector as of yet. Analysts enjoy making doomsday forecasts to establish their credibility and demonstrate their precognition.

The truth is that nobody truly knows what lies ahead. However, predicting impending doom is simple.Leading jewelry companies, though, are claiming excellent results.

People Also Ask

What Is Geopolitics In Simple Words?

The struggle for control over international or global areas of land, as well as the use of these areas for political gain.

What Are Examples Of Geopolitics?

Geopolitics, in its simplest form, is the study of political relations between nations or areas. Politics between the US and China, for instance, or, more lately, relations between Russia and Ukraine.

Political differences between or involving two or more countries that result in tension or unrest are exactly what they sound like; they are called geopolitical tensions.

What Are The 3 Theories Of Geopolitics?

Three theories on how to rule the world from a geographical perspective have been put forth by geopoliticians over the past century: the "Heartland" theory, advanced by Halford John; the "Sea Power" theory, advanced by Alfred Thayer Mahan of the United States; and the "Economic Power" theory.


The current global clashes have made the geopolitics of jewels an important matter; The function of jewels and gold has taken on a crucial position in all of the countries involved in this new cold war, which also entails a monetary war.

Gold and jewelry will shine during this time of considerable risks and uncertainty and up until the establishment of a new geopolitical, economic, and monetary order.

The only true money that doesn't include any counterparty risk is gold and jewelry, which is known as "money in extremis." Because of this, gold is correctly regarded as a geopolitical metal.

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