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Conservative Groups Devise A Strategy To Demolish The US Government And Replace It With Trump's Agenda


Some conservative groups devise a strategy to demolish the US government and replace it with Trump's agenda.

In anticipation of the 2024 election, numerous conservative organizations are actively mobilizing individuals to converge in Washington with the objective of dismantling the federal government and implementing a vision more aligned with that of Donald Trump, should he secure a second term in the White House.

This concerted effort involves recruiting thousands of Americans to participate in this transformative mission.

The extensive endeavor, spearheaded by the well-established Heritage Foundation think tank and propelled by former officials from the Trump administration, may be viewed as a prospective governing body in anticipation of the former president's potential return or the success of any candidate who shares their principles and can secure victory against President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 election.

The objective of "Project 2025" is to establish a comprehensive civic infrastructure and mobilize a significant number of American citizens to effectively assume control, restructure, and eliminate what Republicans criticize as the "deep state" bureaucracy. This ambitious plan involves the termination of up to 50,000 federal employees, ensuring the necessary groundwork is laid out on the first day of implementation.

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The individual serving as the director of the 2025 Presidential Transition Project, in addition to being a former member of the Trump administration, articulates the endeavor with eloquent historical references.

Donald trump mugshot
Donald trump mugshot

We need to flood the zone with conservatives.- Paul Dans, Director of the 2025 Presidential Transition Project

This is a clarion call to come to Washington. People need to lay down their tools, and step aside from their professional life and say, ‘This is my lifetime moment to serve.- Paul Dans

The current endeavor is being coordinated by several right-wing groups, several of which are newly established in Washington. This initiative signifies a shift in conservatives' strategy since they have historically aimed to restrict the role of the federal government through reductions in federal taxes and expenditures.

In contrast, conservatives during the Trump period aimed to significantly reduce the influence of the "administrative state" by strategically removing federal workers whom they perceived as obstructing the president's agenda. They intend to replace these individuals with officials who share similar ideological perspectives and are more inclined to implement the new executive's preferred style of governance.

The goal is to avoid the pitfalls of Trump's first years in office when his team was unprepared, his Cabinet nominees struggled to gain Senate confirmation, and policies were met with opposition — from lawmakers, government workers, and even Trump's own appointees who refused to bend or break protocol, or in some cases violate laws, to achieve his goals.

While many of Trump's Project 2025 plans have been reiterated by GOP candidates Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy, they are gaining traction among other Republicans. And, if Trump is re-elected, the Heritage coalition's effort assures that he will have the staff to complete his unfinished business in the White House.

A former Trump administration official involved in the effort who is now president at the conservative Center for Renewing America stated:

The president on Day One will be a wrecking ball for the administrative state.- Russ Vought

A professor of public administration at the University of Colorado Denver, who warns the idea would bring a return to a political spoils system said:

It frightens me.- Mary Guy

Schedule F, according to experts, would cause turmoil in the civil service, which was revamped under President Jimmy Carter's administration in an attempt to establish a professional staff and eliminate political bias dating back to 19th-century patronage.

Currently, just 4,000 federal employees are considered political appointees who frequently change with each administration. However, Schedule F might jeopardize the careers of tens of thousands of professionals.

We have a democracy that is at risk of suicide. Schedule F is just one more bullet in the gun.- Mary Guy

Heritage's coffee table-ready book contains ideas that are both ambitious and provincial, a combination of long-standing conservative ideals and harsh, head-turning initiatives that have gained popularity in the Trump era.

There is a "top to bottom overhaul" of the Department of Justice, including limiting its independence and eliminating FBI operations to counteract disinformation circulated. It asks for increased punishment of anybody who provides or distributes abortion drugs through mail.

There are recommendations to "abolish" the Pentagon's recent diversity, equality, and inclusion measures, dubbed the "woke" agenda by the project, and to restore military personnel dismissed for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination.

The pages give a how-to handbook for the next president, chapter by chapter, identical to one Heritage released 50 years ago, ahead of the Ronald Reagan administration. It's written by some of today's most renowned conservative intellectuals and is frequently laced with apocalyptic rhetoric.

In one chapter, Trump's former acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security recommends increasing the number of political appointees and redeploying office workers with law enforcement experience into the field "to maximize law enforcement capacity."

The book proposes that the incoming administration at the White House "reexamine" the history of giving workspace for the press corps and guarantee that the White House counsel is "deeply committed" to the president's objectives.

Conservatives have traditionally viewed federal government agencies with disdain, claiming they are filled with leftists bent on stifling Republican initiatives. However, Doreen Greenwald, national president of the National Treasury Employees Union, stated that the vast majority of federal employees live in the states and are your neighbors, relatives, and friends.

Federal employees are not the enemy.- Doreen Greenwald

While presidents traditionally rely on Congress to implement programs, the Heritage project embraces what legal academics call a unitary conception of executive power, which holds that the president has extensive ability to act alone.

To get around senators who try to filibuster presidential Cabinet candidates, Project 2025 advises putting prominent friends in acting administrative jobs, as the Trump administration did to avoid Senate confirmation. Another former Trump aide helping the campaign, John McEntee, believes the incoming administration can "play hardball a little more than we did with Congress."

In reality, Congress's involvement would be reduced, as with a plan to abolish legislative notice of some international arms purchases. According to Philip Wallach, a senior scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who studies the separation of powers and was not involved in the Heritage project, there is some "fantasizing" about the president's skills.

Some of these visions, they do start to just bleed into some kind of authoritarian fantasies where the president won the election, so he’s in charge, so everyone has to do what he says — and that’s just not the system the government we live under.- Philip Wallach

Dans has a fading photo of an earlier era in Washington on his wall at the Heritage office, with the White House nearly alone in the city and dirt lanes in all directions. It represents what conservatives have long wished for a smaller federal government.

The Heritage group is taking its recruitment efforts on the road, crisscrossing the country in order to fill government positions. This month, they manned the Iowa State Fair and signed up hundreds of individuals, and they're compiling a database of future employees to invite them to training in government operations.

Final Words

Dans recognized that the notion of aligning with the government in order to reduce its size may seem paradoxical. However, he asserted that this perspective is derived from the lessons acquired during the Trump era, which highlight the necessary measures to restore control.

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