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Human Security Challenge Game

GPoT Center organized an activity on Human Security Challenge, which was facilitated by Human Security Collective’s Jeanne Abdulla under the auspices of Istanbul Kültür University (IKU). The event, which was attended by students of International Relations in IKU, consisted of an interactive game and was followed by a briefing session discussing the lessons learned and the challenges faced during the activity.

Topic: Other , 13.4.2015 - Istanbul

Suriyeliler Suriye'yi tartıştı | Bursaport | Zafer Opsar

İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi Küresel Siyasal Eğilimler Merkezi (GPoT) ve Munathara İnisiyatifi tarafından ortaklaşa düzenlenen, "Yabancı Müdahale Suriye için Geriye Kalan Tek Seçenek mi?" konulu canlı tartışmada Suriyeliler Suriye’yi tartıştı. Yabancı askeri müdahaleyi savunanlar ile buna karşı çıkan Suriyeliler’i tartışmasında ilginç yaklaşımlar dikkat çekti.

Topic: Middle East , 21.9.2013 - Istanbul

Syrian Youth Given Debate and Dialogue Skills

GPoT Center hosted a two-day debate and dialogue training followed by an exclusive live debate on foreign military intervention in Syria from the 16th to the 18th of September 2013.

Topic: Middle East , 18.9.2013 - Istanbul

Call on Syrian Youth: ‘Make Your Voices Heard’ – Turkey | BarakaBits

The Munathara Initiative, alongside the Global Political Trends Center (GPoT) and IREX, are calling on young Syrians to make their voices heard by submitting a short video detailing their visions for Syria’s future.

Topic: Middle East , 19.8.2013 - Istanbul

GPoT Center and the Munathara Initiative reach out to Syrian youth

GPoT Center is partnering with the Munathara Initiative (Munathara) to implement Musabaqat Munathara #DD9, a debate competition dedicated to the youth of Syria. Syrian youth may take part by submitting a video of up to 99 seconds, detailing their vision for Syria and a proposal for a way forward.

Topic: Middle East , 13.8.2013 - Istanbul

Citizens for Dialogue Convention

GPoT Center's project officer Sofia Hafdell participated in the Citizens for Dialogue Convention organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Tunisian, Algerian and Moroccan Networks between the 24th and the 28th of March, 2013 in Tunisia.

Topic: Middle East , 28.3.2013 - Sousse and Tunis

Youth for a Democratic Syria | Democracy Training Workshop

GPoT Center organized a week-long Democracy Training Workshop, which brought together 30 exiled Syrian youth community representatives, between the 11th and 15th of March in Istanbul, Turkey.

Topic: Middle East , 15.3.2013 - Istanbul

Young Turkey/Young America - A New Relationship for a New Age

GPoT Center's Narod Maraşlıyan participated in the US Department of State funded "Young Turkey/Young America - A New Relationship for a New Age" program's first leg which was held in Turkey between June 3rd and 14th, 2012.

Topic: Turkey , 14.6.2012 - Istanbul

Screening of Turkish Youth Documentaries in Armenia

Four Turkish students traveled to Armenia from December 5th to the 7th, 2011 to participate in numerous screenings of their short documentary films, which they shot in Armenia earlier this year.

Topic: Armenia , 7.12.2011 - Yerevan

Preparatory Workshop on “Building Democracy: The Role and Involvement of Youth and Civil Society”

GPoT Center’s project officer and researcher, Can Yirik, attended the Preparatory Workshop entitled “Building Democracy: The Role and Involvement of youth and Civil Society,” held in Marrakech, Morocco between the 17th and 18th of September.

Topic: Middle East , 18.9.2011 - Marrakech

Media Reporting Bus Tour

GPoT Center, Yerevan Press Club (YPC) and Internews Armenia organized a media reporting bus tour starting from Istanbul and ending in Yerevan between May 3-18, 2011. Journalists from Turkey and Armenia visited many historical places and had meetings with several NGOs and local political leaders.

Topic: Armenia , 18.5.2011 - Yerevan

Armenia - Turkey Policy Discussions

Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), in partnership with the Global Political Trends Center (GPoT), its primary partner in Turkey, organized a two-day conference with the support of USAID.

Topic: Armenia , 23.11.2010 - Yerevan

7th Forum for the Future - Workshop on Private Sector’s Role in the CSR

GPoT, with the assistance of the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) and the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada, organized a conference on “The Private Sector’s Role in the Area of Corporate Social Responsibility".

Topic: Middle East , 9.10.2010 - Istanbul

Meltem Abalı attended the G-20 Young Leaders Summit

Young leaders representing the G-20 Group got together for the first time during the G-20 youth Summit in Toronto between the 25th and 28th of June to discuss international affairs and develop mutual cultural understanding.

Topic: Other , 8.7.2010 - Toronto

About GPoT Center


Topic: Other , 1.1.2010 - Istanbul

GPoT Center participated at the Forum for the Future Conference

GPoT Center participated at the Forum for the Future Conference in Casablanca and Marrakech, Morocco, introduced the BMENA Gender Institute Project

Topic: Other , 10.11.2009 - October 31-November 3 2009,Morocco

Roundtable Meeting: Forum for the Future Civil Society Planning Meeting

The second leg of the Civil Society Planning Meetings for the Forum for the Future was organized with the collaboration of TESEV, NPWJ and HRITC under the auspices of the GPoT.

Topic: Turkey , 2.8.2008 - Istanbul