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Turkish Cypriots want a secure Future | Kıbrıslı Türkler güvenli bir gelecek istiyor

As the countdown for the Geneva Talks continues, GPoT Center encourages the leaders who are conducting the negotiations and those who take action in the name of the international community to take into consideration the expectations of the Turkish Cypriots.

Topic: Cyprus , 5.1.2017 - Istanbul

Kıbrıslı Türkler Güvenli Bir Gelecek İstiyor | Turkish Cypriots Want A Secure Future

GPoT Center ekibinin geçtiğimiz Şubat ve Mart aylarında Kıbrıs'ta yürüttüğü mülakatlar sonucunda, 'Kıbrıslı Türkler Güvenli Bir Gelecek İstiyor' adlı yeni çalışması yayında.

Topic: Cyprus , 17.8.2016 - Istanbul

Mensur Akgün Interviewed by Spanish TV Channel TV3alacarta

The Director of GPoT Center, Prof. Dr. Mensur Akgün was interviewed by the Spanish TV channel TV3alacarta in Barcelona and spoke about the Turkish pubic opinion on the latest developments in Syria and the Middle East.

Topic: Middle East , 5.10.2012 - Barcelona

Dr. Akgün at "The Arab Spring, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Cyprus Problem" Conference

On May 12th, 2012, the Director of GPoT Center, Dr. Mensur Akgün, moderated a panel at the conference entitled "Arab Spring, Eastern Mediterranean and the Cyprus Problem" organized by Insight Turkey in cooperation with the Academy Cyprus at the Yakın Doğu University in Nicosia.

Topic: Cyprus , 12.5.2012 - Nicosia

Turkey and NATO: 60 Years On | Menekşe Tokyay | SES Türkiye

As Turkey marks its 60th anniversary as a member of NATO on February 18th, the importance of the Alliance is as clear as ever, given international and regional security challenges.

Topic: Turkey , 14.2.2012 - Istanbul

Turkey-EU Relations: Where Do They Stand Going Into 2012? | Menekşe Tokyay | SES Türkiye

2011 did not signal there is a light at the end of Turkey's EU tunnel, and 2012 looks to be even more problematic. As Turkey enters 2012, its EU accession process remains on the brink of paralysis. On the political front there has not been any significant progress, while the eurozone crisis has shifted European and Turkish policy makers' attention away from further expansion and integration.

Topic: Cyprus , 3.1.2012 - Istanbul

‘Cyprus Is Heading Toward Separation,’ Says Academic | Hürriyet Daily News | Barçın Yinanç

Turkey’s government still wants a solution for the divided island of Cyprus but sees there won’t be one, says an academic who has long worked for reunification. According to Mensur Akgün, Turkey’s PM wants to give the message that getting 50 percent of the votes will not make him more flexible.

Topic: Cyprus , 22.7.2011 - Istanbul

Turkey-Israel Ties Still Poor a Year After Flotilla | Vanessa H Larson | Monsters and Critics

As the first anniversary passed on Tuesday of an Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound Turkish aid flotilla, there was little hope of a normalization of Israeli-Turkish relations in the near future.

Topic: Israel , 31.5.2011 - Istanbul

From the Bosphorus: Straight - Free Azeri and Armenian journalists | Hürriyet Daily News

Political scientists like to call them “frozen conflicts,” Kashmir, Kosovo, Cyprus, the Georgian-Russian standoff, the Caucasus knot of Nagorno-Karabakh and of course the status of Palestine. Such conflicts we report upon regularly.

Topic: Armenia , 19.9.2010 - Istanbul

Censored media keeps Caucasus captive, experts say - Sonja Caymaz | Hürriyet Daily News

Rigid public opinion and a paucity of perspectives in the Armenian and Azerbaijani media landscapes are holding the two former Soviet countries’ relations hostage over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Topic: Armenia , 16.9.2010 - Istanbul

Roundtable Meeting with Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot Journalists

GPoT, in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation - Turkey, organized the 6th Round of the Heybeliada Talks between the 26th and 28th of February in Istanbul bringing together a select number of politicians, journalists and opinion makers from both sides of Cyprus as well as Greece and Turkey.

Topic: Cyprus , 28.2.2010 - Istanbul

EU-Turkey Relations: Drifting from or to the West?

GPoT Center in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNS) in Turkey organized a roundtable meeting in Brussels on the current developments in EU-Turkey relations.

Topic: European Union , 23.4.2009 - Brussels

Roundtable meeting: Turkey-Armenia Dialogue: New Prospects

GPoT organized a roundtable meeting entitled “Turkey – Armenia Dialogue: New Prospects” at Istanbul Kültür University with the participation of a group of Turkish journalists, academicians and civil society representatives.

Topic: Armenia , 20.4.2009 - Istanbul

2nd Round of the Heybeliada Talks

GPoT Center organized the second round of second track diplomacy meetings on the negotiation process in Cyprus between October 31st and November 2nd in Heybeliada.

Topic: Cyprus , 31.10.2008 - Istanbul