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The Heybeliada Talks: Series of Second Track Diplomacy Meetings on Cyprus

Since its establishment, GPoT Center has been at the forefront in Turkey in terms of keeping the Cyprus issue relevant. We have been regularly bringing together opinion leaders from both sides of Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey under the banner of the “Heybeliada Talks”, to discuss issues pertaining to the solution of the Cyprus question.

Topic: Cyprus , 27.2.2017 - Istanbul

Interview with Dr. Sylvia Tiryaki | Daily Sabah

Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center's Deputy Director Dr. Sylvia Tiryaki expressed her thoughts regarding the future of the reunification talks and possible developments in the new future of Cyprus.

Topic: Cyprus , 21.2.2017 - Istanbul

Turkish Cypriots want a secure Future | Kıbrıslı Türkler güvenli bir gelecek istiyor

As the countdown for the Geneva Talks continues, GPoT Center encourages the leaders who are conducting the negotiations and those who take action in the name of the international community to take into consideration the expectations of the Turkish Cypriots.

Topic: Cyprus , 5.1.2017 - Istanbul

Israel-Turkey reconciliation deal to be signed this week | Globes

The two countries' negotiating teams are meeting in Rome to settle the final details.

Topic: Israel , 26.6.2016 - Istanbul

Israel and Turkey on the verge of an agreement | The Jerusalem Post

A new chapter in Israel-Turkey relations seems to be quickly approaching, producing a set fresh of bilateral and regional opportunities that are waiting to be explored and acted upon.

Topic: Israel , 21.6.2016 - Istanbul

Roundtable Meeting with Andros Kyprianou

Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center organized a roundtable meeting with the Secretary-General of the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) Mr. Andros Kyprianou on January 22, 2016.

Topic: Cyprus , 22.1.2016 - Istanbul

19th Round of Heybeliada Talks

GPoT Center organised the 19th round of the Heybeliada Talks: Series of Second Track Diplomacy Meetings on Cyprus, on 21 November 2015 in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone, Cyprus. 

Topic: Cyprus , 21.11.2015 - Nicosia, Buffer Zone

Roundtable Meeting with Ms. Emine Çolak

Center for American Progress (CAP) and GPoT Center hosted a roundtable discussion with Turkish Cypriot Representative in charge of Foreign Affairs Ms. Emine Çolak.

Topic: Cyprus , 7.10.2015 - Washington D.C.

18th Round of the Heybeliada Talks

GPoT Center organised the 18th round of the Heybeliada Talks: Series of Second Track Diplomacy Meetings on Cyprus, on 10 August 2015 in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone, Cyprus. 

Topic: Cyprus , 10.8.2015 - Nicosia, Cyprus

Heybeliada Talks Follow-up Meeting

It was our pleasure to hold a mini Heybeliada Talks event within the framework of the 16th Symi Symposium on July 22, 2015 on the island of Corfu, Greece.

Topic: Cyprus , 22.7.2015 - Istanbul

17th Round of the Heybeliada Talks

GPoT Center organized the 17th Round of the Heybeliada Talks in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone on 29th November 2014 with the aim of supporting the search for a comprehensive and peaceful settlement in Cyprus. 

Topic: Cyprus , 29.11.2014 - Cyprus

Turkey ratifies Readmission Agreement | SES Türkiye | Menekse Tokyay

The newly ratified agreement will help Turkey move closer to full EU membership while opening a way for visa-free travels to Europe.

Topic: European Union , 7.7.2014 - Istanbul

16th Round of the Heybeliada Talks

Aiming to support the search for a lasting settlement in Cyprus through a multilateral dialogue and informed debate between various segments of society, GPoT Center organized the 16th round of the Heybeliada Talks in Nicosia's Buffer Zone on 18th June 2014.

Topic: Cyprus , 18.6.2014 - Nicosia - Buffer Zone

Talks on Cyprus no. 3 - Roundtable Discussion with Mehmet Ali Talat

GPoT Center had the pleasure of hosting the second Turkish Cypriot President Mr. Mehmet Ali Talat, on 27 May 2014. The closed roundtable discussion was attended by the academic staff of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Istanbul Kultur University.

Topic: Cyprus , 27.5.2014 - Istanbul

Why is it taking so long to solve the Cyprus issue? | Turkish Review | Sylvia Tiryaki

Cyprus is one of those conflicts that have been around long enough to become firmly embedded in international security structures as a stable variable. Its existence has successfully intruded into the domestic politics of world powers, as well as many other states, and with a recent visit by US Vice President Joe Biden, is again taking on a higher profile -- but what lies ahead for the divided East Mediterranean island?

Topic: Cyprus , 1.5.2014 - Istanbul

Cyperčania majú rozhodnúť o zjednotení v referende | | Lenka Peťková

Po roku a pol sa znovu začali mierové rokovania medzi tureckou a gréckou časťou ostrova.

Topic: Cyprus , 11.2.2014 - Istanbul

Panel Discussion with Journalists from Greece on the Occasion of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU

On the occasion of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU, Global Political Trends Center, in collaboration with the Turkish-Greek Association Defne & Dafni, organized a panel discussion with five prominent journalists from Greece.

Topic: European Union , 31.1.2014 - Istanbul

Talks on Cyprus no. 2 - Roundtable Discussion with Andros Kyprianou

GPoT Center hosted Mr. Andros Kyprianou, the Secretary General of the Progressive Party for the Working People (AKEL) of Cyprus. The event, co-financed by the Open Society Foundation in Turkey, took place on the premises of Istanbul Kültür University on January 20, 2014.

Topic: Cyprus , 20.1.2014 - Istanbul

Greek Cypriots realize it’s time to start benefiting from peace | Hürriyet Daily News | Barçın Yinanç

Southern Cyprus is coming to the realization that it can accrue more benefits from a peaceful solution to their island’s division than maintaining the status quo, according to Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Özdil Nami.

Topic: Cyprus , 23.12.2013 - Istanbul

13th Round of the Heybeliada Talks

At the 13th round of the Heybeliada Talks, journalists, opinion and political leaders, civil society representatives, and academics from both sides of Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey discussed the impact of the recent Turkish Cypriot elections on the new round of Cyprus talks under the auspices of the UN, which is expected to start in the fall.

Topic: Cyprus , 1.8.2013 - Nicosia - Buffer Zone