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Military expenditure taking toll on fragile Greek Cypriot economy | Today's Zaman | Aydin Albayrak

The relatively heavy military spending by Greek Cyprus in past years may have had a share in causing the deep economic crisis the country now finds itself in, analysts agree.

Topic: Cyprus , 31.3.2013 - Istanbul

Alman parlamenter Christian Lange İstanbul'daydı | Sebla Kutsal | Hürriyet

Almanya Federal Meclisi’nin sosyal demokrat vekillerinden Christian Lange, “Almanya, İsrail ve Arap Dünyası Arasındaki İlişkiler” başlıklı toplantıda gündemdeki dış siyaset konularını değerlendirdi. AB politikalarına da değinen Lange, Fransa'nın yeni cumhurbaşkanının önünde aşması gereken sıkıntılı bir süreç olduğunun altını çizdi.

Topic: Israel , 18.5.2012 - Istanbul

Relations between Germany, Israel, and the Arab World

GPoT Center, in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), hosted a roundtable meeting entitled “Relations between germany, Israel and the Arab World" with the participation of Mr. Christian Lange, Member of Parliament (SPD), germany, and Deputy Chairman of the Discussion Group on Israel of the Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag.

Topic: Israel , 17.5.2012 - Istanbul

Smart Defense: Can a Lean NATO Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century?

GPoT Center, together with other eight international partner institutes, co-organized the "Smart Defense: Can a Lean NATO Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century?" conference hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in Chicago between March 28th and 30th, 2012.

Topic: Other , 29.3.2012 - Chicago

Akgun: The Virtue of Apologizing | The Armenian Weekly

The following article, translated for the Weekly by Ara Arabyan, first appeared in its original Turkish in the Istanbul Star on Feb. 25. Akgun teaches foreign policy at Marmara and Kultur Universities. He is also the top foreign policy consultant at the Turkish Foundation for Economic and Social Studies (TESEV), a think tank in Turkey.

Topic: Armenia , 5.3.2012 - Yerevan

Bağış warns of critical 2014 for Turkey and EU | Hürriyet Daily News | Murat Yetkin

With his typically sharp tongue, the Turkish EU Minister Egemen Bağış snapped at the Greek Cypriot diplomat who questioned how Turkey expected to ask them to lift the veto on membership negotiation chapters while denying their ships from Turkish ports.

Topic: European Union , 6.12.2011 - Copenhagen

David Ives Mentions GPoT Center in His Speech at the UN

Mr. Ives, the Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute of the Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, presented a speech at the United Nations on November 2nd, 2011. The side conference entitled "Improving by Doing: The Role of Civil Society in Enhancing the Work of the Human Rights Council" was organized by Ambassador Eduardo Ulibarre and the Costa Rican Mission to the United Nations.

Topic: Turkey , 2.11.2011 - New York

The world’s real deficit is of ideas | Hürriyet Daily News | David Judson

As the world’s and Turkey’s markets swoon, currency values gyrate and global investors rush back to their chalkboards, a moment please to focus on the real “deficit.” America and Europe can pay their bills and Turkey can get its increasingly messy house in order. The real problem is not a lack of credit but a lack of political credibility. That, in turn, is a result of the most important deficit: a deficit of ideas.

Topic: Other , 10.8.2011 - Istanbul

‘Cyprus Is Heading Toward Separation,’ Says Academic | Hürriyet Daily News | Barçın Yinanç

Turkey’s government still wants a solution for the divided island of Cyprus but sees there won’t be one, says an academic who has long worked for reunification. According to Mensur Akgün, Turkey’s PM wants to give the message that getting 50 percent of the votes will not make him more flexible.

Topic: Cyprus , 22.7.2011 - Istanbul

Turkey's Foreign Policy: A Twofold Perspective

The Director of GPoT Center, Dr. Mensur Akgün, with his colleagues from TESEV, participated in a joint event organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and TESEV in Berlin on May 23rd, 2011.

Topic: Turkey , 23.5.2011 - Berlin

Yavuz Baydar -- Ideas juggled for G-20 London summit , Today's Zaman

Despite partially deliberate downplaying in the Turkish media, which has been sucked into vertigo by the local elections, even here people have started to feel that something terribly wrong is taking place in the world economy.

Topic: Turkey , 16.3.2009 - Istanbul

International Workshop: 5th Forum for the Future

Parallel Civil Society Meetings within the 5th Forum for the Future were organized in Dubai between 15-18 October 2008. Civil society representatives from the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) region attended the meeting.

Topic: Middle East , 15.10.2008 - Dubai

International Workshop: 5th Forum for the Future

Parallel Civil Society Meetings within the 5th Forum for the Future were organized in Dubai between 15-18 October 2008.

Topic: Middle East , 15.10.2008 - Dubai