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EuroMeSCo | Future of Syria | The Joint Policy Study 7

Taking the current circumstances into consideration, this GPoT-led, EU and IEMed funded Working Package discusses frameworks for the Future of Syria.

Topic: European Union , 12.4.2017 - Istanbul

Cooperation in an Age of Competition: Tackling Geopolitical and Transnational Threats to Order

 An analytical report, titled Cooperation in an Age of Competition was published after the workshop entitled “International Peace and Cooperation in an Age of Geopolitical Competition”, which was held in April 27-28, 2015.

Topic: Other , 15.3.2016 - Abu Dhabi

Ankara weighs its options | Interview with Dr. Sylvia Tiryaki | MEED

For a few weeks, it has been a case of when rather than if Turkey would get more heavily involved in the Syrian civil war. Now, the questions are what will it do and what will the consequences be. None of the options look particularly appealing for Ankara.

Topic: Middle East , 10.10.2014 - Istanbul

EU financial aid to support Cyprus reunification | SES Türkiye | Menekse Tokyay

New financial assistance for Cyprus will help Turkish Cypriots to get "closer to the EU" and boost the reunification process, EU officials say.

Topic: European Union , 12.12.2013 - Istanbul

The First Polish-Turkish Roundtable

Poland and Turkey will celebrate the 600th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations next year. In the run-up to this historical milestone, GPoT Center, in partnership with demosEUROPA – Centre for European Strategy, organized The First Polish Turkish Roundtable.

Topic: Turkey , 28.11.2013 - Warsaw

GPoT Center Is Proud To Be in Special Consultative Status With ECOSOC

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations to grant special consultative status to GPoT Center at its July 2013 session.

Topic: Other , 12.8.2013 - New York

Military expenditure taking toll on fragile Greek Cypriot economy | Today's Zaman | Aydin Albayrak

The relatively heavy military spending by Greek Cyprus in past years may have had a share in causing the deep economic crisis the country now finds itself in, analysts agree.

Topic: Cyprus , 31.3.2013 - Istanbul

Slovakya ve Avrupa Ekonomik Krizi | İş Güvenliği | Lenka Peťková

AB çapındaki ekonomik krizde borçla mücadele eden ülkelere yardımcı olmak için geliştirilen AB kurtarma fonunun onaylanması Slovak hükümetine pahalıya patladı. Bir süreliğine, Slovakya gibi küçük bir ülkenin büyük ölçekli Avrupa politikasına etki edebileceği izlenimi uyandı. Ancak sonunda tam tersi oldu.

Topic: European Union , 31.12.2012 - Istanbul

Danish VL20 Group Meeting on Recent Foreign Policy Developments and Economic Prospects in Turkey

The Danish VL20 group– a network group of top executives, former top executives and board members, and members of the national organization of top executives, the Danish Management Society – visited GPoT Center on September 28th, 2012.

Topic: Other , 28.9.2012 - Istanbul

Civil Society Groups Keep Turkey-Armenia Rapprochement Alive | Menekşe Tokyay | SES Türkiye

Turkish and Armenian NGOs and civil society groups continue to pursue "second track diplomacy" to maintain momentum. Following official attempts at rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia in 2008 with so-called "Football diplomacy", civil society groups on both sides of the border began to engage more each other more actively.

Topic: Armenia , 3.2.2012 - Istanbul

Turkey-EU Relations: Where Do They Stand Going Into 2012? | Menekşe Tokyay | SES Türkiye

2011 did not signal there is a light at the end of Turkey's EU tunnel, and 2012 looks to be even more problematic. As Turkey enters 2012, its EU accession process remains on the brink of paralysis. On the political front there has not been any significant progress, while the eurozone crisis has shifted European and Turkish policy makers' attention away from further expansion and integration.

Topic: Cyprus , 3.1.2012 - Istanbul

Wall Street Protests and Globalization by Onur Bayramoğlu | Görüş Magazine

Onur Bayramoğlu's article on "Wall Street Protests and Globalization" was published on the 71st edition of TÜSİAD's Görüş Magazine. The article explores the reasons for the protests, focusing on issues such as international financial system, globalization and technology, and inconsistencies within the global education system and upward mobility.

Topic: Other , 1.12.2011 - Istanbul

The world’s real deficit is of ideas | Hürriyet Daily News | David Judson

As the world’s and Turkey’s markets swoon, currency values gyrate and global investors rush back to their chalkboards, a moment please to focus on the real “deficit.” America and Europe can pay their bills and Turkey can get its increasingly messy house in order. The real problem is not a lack of credit but a lack of political credibility. That, in turn, is a result of the most important deficit: a deficit of ideas.

Topic: Other , 10.8.2011 - Istanbul

Resignations Herald the Demilitarisation of Politics | IPS | Jay Cassano

The simultaneous resignations of Turkey’s top military brass last week indicates that the civilian government may finally have more sway over politics than the top generals, according to analysts and activists.

Topic: Turkey , 5.8.2011 - Istanbul

A shift in Turkey’s Cyprus policy? | Euronews | Bora Bayraktar

A new government, a new international environment and a new approach from Turkey regarding Cyprus. The Turkish Prime Minister paid his first trip ‘abroad’, to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a country that is recognized only by Turkey. During and before his visit Recep Tayyip Erdogan made strong statements about the future of the island, directing sometimes harsh language at Greek Cypriots for resisting a peace treaty.

Topic: Cyprus , 21.7.2011 - Istanbul

Armenian experts value European perpectives by Erisa Dautaj-Şenerdem | Hürriyet Daily News

Armenia is not only currently looking West, but also enjoys healthy diplomatic relations with some of the world’s major powers, an academic from Yerevan University in Armenia said at a recent seminar in Istanbul.

Topic: Armenia , 23.9.2010 - Istanbul

Business ties key to Turkish-Armenian detente, discussion group says | Hurriyet Daily News

Economic relations between Turkey and Armenia should be improved in order to improve political and social relations, according to business leaders meeting at a roundtable discussion Thursday in Istanbul.

Topic: Armenia , 8.7.2010 - Istanbul

The visit of IFANS

Dr. Geung Chan Bae, Director of the Foreign Affairs and National Security Institute (IFANS) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea, Dr. Nam-sik In from the Europe and Africa Desk, together with Prof. Dr. Dok-Ju Kim from the International economy and Trade Desk paid a visit to GPoT Center on May 28th, 2010.

Topic: Other , 28.5.2010 - Istanbul

Illegal Armenian immigrants uneasy in the spotlight as tensions rise | Minhaç Çelik | Today's Zaman

Alin Ozinian on Monday presented the results of research titled “State of Armenian Irregular Migrants in Turkey” at the İstanbul-based Kültür University’s Global Political Trends Center...

Topic: Armenia , 17.2.2010 - Istanbul

Karlsson: Independent Kurdish state not so likely | Today's Zaman

Ingmar Karlsson Ingmar Karlsson, Sweden's former consul general in İstanbul, has said if Turkey solves its Kurdish problem and grants the Kurds political and cultural rights, a de facto independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq will be less attractive.

Topic: Other , 8.9.2009 - Istanbul