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Suriyeliler Suriye'yi tartıştı | Bursaport | Zafer Opsar

İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi Küresel Siyasal Eğilimler Merkezi (GPoT) ve Munathara İnisiyatifi tarafından ortaklaşa düzenlenen, "Yabancı Müdahale Suriye için Geriye Kalan Tek Seçenek mi?" konulu canlı tartışmada Suriyeliler Suriye’yi tartıştı. Yabancı askeri müdahaleyi savunanlar ile buna karşı çıkan Suriyeliler’i tartışmasında ilginç yaklaşımlar dikkat çekti.

Topic: Middle East , 21.9.2013 - Istanbul

Syrian Youth Given Debate and Dialogue Skills

GPoT Center hosted a two-day debate and dialogue training followed by an exclusive live debate on foreign military intervention in Syria from the 16th to the 18th of September 2013.

Topic: Middle East , 18.9.2013 - Istanbul

GPoT Center and the Munathara Initiative reach out to Syrian youth

GPoT Center is partnering with the Munathara Initiative (Munathara) to implement Musabaqat Munathara #DD9, a debate competition dedicated to the youth of Syria. Syrian youth may take part by submitting a video of up to 99 seconds, detailing their vision for Syria and a proposal for a way forward.

Topic: Middle East , 13.8.2013 - Istanbul

IPC Observatory: The Future of the Liberal Order

Sophia Hutnik from GPoT Center attended a conference hosted by the Istanbul Policy Center entitled the “IPC Observatory: The Future of the Liberal Order” on 23 May 2013.

Topic: Other , 23.5.2013 - Istanbul

International Workshop for Turkish and Israeli Journalists Part II: Jerusalem, Israel

In partnership with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Israel, GPoT Center organized the second part of the International Workshop for Turkish and Israeli Journalists in Jerusalem, Israel. The workshop hosted 13 participants, including journalists from well-known Turkish and Israeli newspapers, and academicians, from the 29th of April to the 1st of May, 2013.

Topic: Israel , 1.5.2013 - Jerusalem

High Strategic Studies of the Mediterranean Sea

GPoT Center hosted approximately 40 participants for the 2013 cycle of the High Strategic Studies of the Mediterranean Sea. 9-month long study programs of this kind have been organized by the Mediterranean Foundation of Strategic Studies in partnership with the Institute of High Studies of National Defense for almost two decades.

Topic: Middle East , 3.4.2013 - Istanbul

Citizens for Dialogue Convention

GPoT Center's project officer Sofia Hafdell participated in the Citizens for Dialogue Convention organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Tunisian, Algerian and Moroccan Networks between the 24th and the 28th of March, 2013 in Tunisia.

Topic: Middle East , 28.3.2013 - Sousse and Tunis

Sweden's Social Democracy Spirit and Its Success Story about Children's Rights

This paper examines the role of grassroots activities in Sweden concerning children's rights protection and how the country has become a role model for the whole world in terms of human development and children's rights with special reference to the best practices they have elaborated throughout their history.

Topic: Other , 25.3.2013 - Istanbul

Erik Boel Talks Turkey's Way Through the European Union's Needle's Eye

It is the pleasure of GPoT Center to host Erik Boel, former President at the European Movement Denmark, as a key-note speaker during today's roundtable on EU-Turkey relations in Istanbul.

Topic: European Union , 19.3.2013 - Istanbul

Youth for a Democratic Syria | Democracy Training Workshop

GPoT Center organized a week-long democracy Training Workshop, which brought together 30 exiled Syrian youth community representatives, between the 11th and 15th of March in Istanbul, Turkey.

Topic: Middle East , 15.3.2013 - Istanbul

Pavol Demeš Is Elected to the Board of Trustees of EED

Pavol Demeš, member of GPoT Center's High Advisory Board, was elected to the Board of Trustees of the European Endowment for democracy (EED) as a representative of civil society on November 13, 2012.

Topic: Other , 13.11.2012 - Brussels

11th Edition of the Visegrad Summer School

Lenka Peťková, together with 46 other young professionals and students from twelve different countries, participated in the 11th edition of the Visegrad Summer School hosted by the Villa Decius Association in Cracow between July 1st and 14th, 2012.

Topic: Other , 14.7.2012 - Cracow

GPoT Center is a Proud Associate Member of PASOS

On June 2012, GPoT Center was welcomed as the 56th associate member, and first ever Turkish organization, to join the Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS).

Topic: Other , 25.6.2012 - Prague

Searching for New Conflict Resolution Strategies: Study Visit to Turkey and Cyprus

Fifteen experts from Moldova, Turkey, Greece, and USA visited Cyprus between June 21st and 23rd, 2012 in order to learn about conflict resolution strategies and confidence building measures, which have been applied as part of reunification efforts within the scope of track one and track two diplomacy in Cyprus.

Topic: Cyprus , 24.6.2012 - Turkey & Cyprus

Turkey-Armenia Media Reporting Bus Tour 2012

Over a two-week period, 16 journalists from Turkey and Armenia traveled over 3,500 kilometers in Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia, meeting with over 40 civil society representatives, politicians, media leaders and “everyday” citizens as well as visiting dozens of historical and cultural sites in order to gain first-hand insight into their neighboring country and to report in-depth about Turkey-Armenia relations from the field.

Topic: Armenia , 6.6.2012 - Turkey & Armenia

Turkey-EU Relations: Where Do They Stand Going Into 2012? | Menekşe Tokyay | SES Türkiye

2011 did not signal there is a light at the end of Turkey's EU tunnel, and 2012 looks to be even more problematic. As Turkey enters 2012, its EU accession process remains on the brink of paralysis. On the political front there has not been any significant progress, while the eurozone crisis has shifted European and Turkish policy makers' attention away from further expansion and integration.

Topic: Cyprus , 3.1.2012 - Istanbul

Program in Dialogue-Building between Turkey and Armenia

The goal of the project is to deepen popular commitment for accord between Turkey and Armenia by expanding the quality, reach, and diversity of balanced, socially relevant commercial media content on common cultural, economic and political issues. The project achieves its goals through the following three objectives: increasing the production of multi-sourced media content; increasing information collection and dissemination of media content; and developing opportunities for emerging media professionals.

Topic: Armenia , 31.12.2011 - Istanbul

Istanbul Screening of Turkey-Armenia Short Documentaries

GPoT Center organized the screening of a selection of films made by Turkish and Armenian students in their neighboring countries at Istanbul Kültür University on December 23rd, 2011.

Topic: Armenia , 23.12.2011 - Istanbul

EU-Turkey Relations and the Denmark Presidency

GPoT Center, in cooperation with the European Movement Denmark, organized a conference entitled “EU-Turkey Relations and the Denmark Presidency” on December 6th, 2011 in Copenhagen with the participation of Turkey's Minister of European Affairs and Chief Negotiator, Egemen Bağış.

Topic: European Union , 6.12.2011 - Copenhagen

Preparatory Workshop on “Building Democracy: The Role and Involvement of Youth and Civil Society”

GPoT Center’s project officer and researcher, Can Yirik, attended the Preparatory Workshop entitled “Building democracy: The Role and Involvement of Youth and Civil Society,” held in Marrakech, Morocco between the 17th and 18th of September.

Topic: Middle East , 18.9.2011 - Marrakech