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Searching for New Conflict Resolution Strategies: Lessons from the Case of Cyprus

This project aimed to empower the expert community and media from Moldova as well as the main stakeholders involved in the search for a solution of the Transnistrian conflict with knowledge about feasible models of conflict settlement and trust-building initiatives observed in the Cyprus case.

Within the scope of this initiative, sponsored by the Open Society Foundations, GPoT Center in collaboration with the Foreign Policy Association (APE) in Moldova and the East East Beyond Borders (EEBB) Program of the Soros Foundation in Moldova brought together experts, civil society activists, and academics from Moldova, Turkey, both sides of Cyprus, Greece, and the United States of America to provide them with the opportunity to share expertise and good practices on various forms of conflict resolution methods applied to date in the respective cases of Cyprus and Transnistria.

The outcome of the project was a comparative, policy-oriented study prepared by the team of international experts composed of Alexandru Baltag, Veaceslav Berbeca, Christopher J. Borgen, Denis Cenusa, Mete Hatay, Oazu Nantoi, Ilia Roubanis, Irina Severin, Sylvia Tiryaki, Orestis Tringides, and Radu Vrabie. Edited by Mensur Akgün, the publication, available below, was launched during parallel public presentations in Istanbul and Chisinau in Spring 2013.

Dates: April 15, 2012 - April 14, 2013

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