İstanbul Kültür University

Euro-Mediterranean Political Research and Dialogue for Inclusive Policy Making Processes and Dissemination through Network Processes

The Arab Uprising that broke up in December 2010 and then spread into other Southern Mediterranean Countries have left vast Political Change in the region.Three years after, the Southern Mediterranean is far from being peaceful and stable. Currently only one state where a revolution took place, Tunisia is on a clear path towards democratization, after adopting a new constitution. The Arab Uprising ended with the perception of the region as a homogeneous block. In fact the Southern Mediterranean region has been transformed into a very fragmented one, with each of the countries facing different challenges and with the persistence of regional conflicts.

The proposed action has thus been designed in line with EU priorities and policies of the Call whose aim is to support dialogue among think tanks, policy research institutes and policy-makers of the Euro-Mediterranean Region. The general understanding of the action is that, these institutions by producing joint policy studies, fostering dialogue and disseminating their results are the most effective platform for interaction between civil society and policy-makers. This is why the general objective of the action is to reinforce dialogue, political research and studies on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership priorities and to ensure the dissemination of the result to civil society and decision and policy makers. Specifically through joint policy studies, policy briefs and recommendations, papers, conferences, dialogues, workshops and local presentations, the action aims to ensure the exchange of the best practices among the research institutes thus increasing their capacities and influence in the policy making processes and to create a tradition of dialogue between the key stakeholders on the challenges of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

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