İstanbul Kültür University

Examining Peacemaking

GPoT Center’s Narod Maraşlıyan and Sofia Hafdell attended a one-day conference entitled "Examining Peacemaking", which was held at Koc University’s Office of International Programs on June 19th, 2012. At the conference, the speakers included Dr. Donna Hicks, Associate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University; and Ahmet Sözen, Professor and Chairman of the Department of International Relations, Eastern Mediterranean University.

The conference was part of the initiative "Leadership for Peacemaking: How to Overcome Prejudice with Dignity" and was followed by a two-day workshop on the topic. The initiative aimed to frankly and openly address one of the most marked obstacles in our global efforts toward peacemaking: the prejudices that color and sometimes shape our interactions with other people. It was organized by Koc University’s Office of International Programs, Center for Globalization and Democratic Governance; Dr. Donna Hicks from Harvard University's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs; and Senay Yegin Yitmen (MA, Koc University, International Relations)."

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