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GPoT Center participated at the Forum for the Future Conference

GPoT Center participated at the Forum for the Future Conference in Casablanca and Marrakech, Morocco, introduced the BMENA Gender Institute Project

Between October 31st and November 3rd, GPoT Center’s Director Dr. Mensur Akgün and Deputy Director Dr. Sylvia Tiryaki attended ministerial-level and civil society meetings in Morocco, held within the framework of Forum for the Future (FfF).

Speaking in her capacity as a representative of Turkish civil society for the closing remarks during the Sixth Edition of the ministerial meeting, Dr. Tiryaki emphasized once again the importance of devoting more attention to women and youth in the region for sustainable development, as recognized in previous conferences in Beirut, Rabat and Doha. Expressing deep gratitude to the governments and NGOs who have supported the Gender Institute project, Dr. Tiryaki also voiced hope in the name of GPoT Center and TESEV that support for this landmark initiative will be long-running.

Dr. Akgün also took part in a closed meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss ramifications of US foreign policy in the Middle East in general, and the fate of democratization in particular. Further developments regarding the BMENA Gender Institute, including a timetable for its foundation, was set to become available both on the GPoT Center’s and TESEV’s websites in the near future.

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