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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan this week pays visits to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, a move that highlights Turkey's expanding role in Mid-East affairs. In Cairo, Prime Minster Erdogan addressed an Arab League's Foreign Minister's meeting, reaffirming Turkey's full-throated support for Palestine to seek statehood at the United Nations.

Turkey's continued strong backing for Palestine has led to escalating tensions with Israel. Israeli raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla last year resulted in the death of eight Turks. Things festered after Israel refused to apologize for the incident. Turkey expelled Israeli Ambassador and severed military ties between the two sides.

So why is Turkey seeking more involvement in Mid-east affairs? And what will the soured Turkey-Israel relations bring to the region?

Ni hao, you're listening to People In the Know, bringing you insights into the headline news in China and around the world, I'm Zheng Chenguang in Beijing. In today's program, we are taking a look at Turkey's Middle East policy.

We're joined by Salman Shaikh, Director of the Brookings Doha Center and fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, and Dr. Mensur Akgün, director of the Global Political Trends Center in Istanbul, Turkey. Listen here.

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