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Israel - Turkey Policy Dialogue Publication Series

Upon the signing of a reconciliation agreement between the Israeli and Turkish governments in June 2016, and the start of a new chapter in bilateral relations, participants in the ongoing policy dialogue between Mitvim and GPoT Center were asked to offer their thoughts. 
In their articles, partcipants offer their thoughts on the lessons that can be drawn from the recent period of diplomatic tension, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing this bilateral relationship in the coming years.

The first two articles in this series are:

Turkish-Israeli Relations: Crises and Cooperation by Dr. Oğuz Çelikkol

The Path to Normalization between Israel and Turkey by Arad Nir

Supporting Israel-Turkey Reconciliation:

In 2012, with the purpose of positively contributing to ties between their respective governments, the Mitvim Institute and the GPoT Center formally signed a memorandum of understanding, and launched a second track channel that would support efforts to mend Israel-Turkey relations and enable experts, diplomats and journalists from both countries to exchange views on bi-lateral ties and developments in the region. The cornerstone of this initiative is a series of policy dialogues, hosted both in Istanbul and Tel Aviv and in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. These dialogues have proven to maintain and enhance vital arteries of communication during a period of reduced diplomatic ties. They are regularly covered by the Israeli and Turkish media.