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Human Security Perspectives on Developments in the Middle East

GPoT Center in cooperation with the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) and the Human Security Collective organized a Seminar of the Civil Society Network for Human Security, entitled “Human Security Perspectives on Developments in the Middle East”.

The two day seminar, held at Istanbul Kültür Univerisity from September 30th to October 1st, covered the panels Challenges for Human Security: Regional Revolutions and Conflicts; Turkey's Response Towards the Regional Revolutions and Conflicts; the Turkish-Kurdish Reconciliation Process in Regional Perspective; and Turkey's Response to Domestic Human Security Challenges.

On the seminar's first day, the Executive Director of the Human Security Collective, Lia van Broekhoven, delivered a key note speech on Perceptions of Human Security. In her speech, she discusses the concept of human security as a human-centered approach to global security, where social justice cannot be achieved unless people are protected from threats to their basic rights and freedoms.

Following her speech, Bibi van Ginkel, Research Fellow at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague, and Peter van Tuijl, Executive Director at GPPAC, spoke on the topic Human Security in Various Policy Arenas.

Full List of Speakers:

Mensur Akgün, GPoT Center
Lia van Broekhoven, Human Security Collective
Bibi van Ginkel, Clingendael Research Department
Khaled Hroub, Northwestern University, Qatar
Mary Ana McGlasson, Relief International
Fadi Abi Allam, Permanent Peace Movement (PPM)
Bayram Sinkaya, Yıldırım Beyazıt University
Mesut Özcan, Center for Strategic Research (SAM)
Alex Bogomolov, Association of Middle East Studies, (Ukraine)
Bülent Keneş, Today’s Zaman
Ümit Fırat, Writer/ Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly Founder
Bakhtiar Amin, Kurdish Iraqi politician
Jotiar Mahmood, Sarenj Center
Ali Bayramoğlu, Yeni Şafak
Yunus Emre, Istanbul Kültür University
Meltem Halaceli, Writer and blogger
Fulco van Deventer, Human Security Collective
Peter van Tuijl, GPPAC
Sylvia Tiryaki, GPoT Center

The report summarizing the discussions during the seminar is available for your download here.

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