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Turkey-Armenia Journalism Award Ceremony 2013

The third annual Turkey-Armenia Journalism Award ceremony organized by GPoT Center on July 5th, 2013 took place on the premises of the Palais de France in Istanbul, courtesy of the Embassy of France.

The event brought together a number of distinguished opinion makers, state officials, media professionals, civil society activists as well as representatives of several international organizations based in Istanbul. Keynote speeches were delivered by Ambassador of France to Turkey, H.E. Laurent Bili; Chair of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Kültür University, Ms. Bahar Akıngüç Günver; Deputy Director of GPoT Center, Ms. Sylvia Tiryaki; and the 2011 awardee, Mr. Kadri Gürsel.

The jury, composed of GPoT Center Deputy Director, Ms. Sylvia Tiryaki, the 2012 awardee, Ms. Hilal Kaplan of Yeni Şafak, and the 2011 awardee, Mr. Kadri Gürsel of Milliyet, decided to present Markar Esayan with the 2013 award for his article entitled Exit from a Well 1.1915 Meters Deep published in Today’s Zaman.

According to the jury, the strength and added value of Mr. Esayan’s writing style lies in the complexity of his approach and focus on the humanitarian aspect of the Turkey-Armenia relations. While drawing on personal experiences, Mr. Esayan gives a complex account of history, identity issues, and the sorrows inflicted not only on Armenians but different minorities as well as Muslims, and suggests to break old stereotypes and taboos. Mr. Esayan wrote for Agos and Taraf newspaper in the past and is the author of three novels.

The Turkey-Armenia Journalism Award was established in 2011 in order to recognize journalists with the highest quality and most engaging media publications on Armenian-Turkish relations and to support the rapprochement process between the two countries.

GPoT Center would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Embassy of France in Ankara and the Consulate General of France in Istanbul for hosting the third annual ceremony in the Palais de France.

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