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12th Round of the Heybeliada Talks

Recognizing the significance of the recent developments in Cyprus, GPoT Center resumed meetings aiming to provide a communication platform for representatives of both sides of Cyprus, Turkey, and Greece under the banner of the Heybeliada Talks. The 12th round in the series of second-track diplomacy meetings, which have been organized by GPoT Center since 2008, took place in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone on May 11, 2013.

The event, conducted under Chatham House rule, was attended by fifteen participants of various professional backgrounds, i.e. political and opinion leaders, journalists, academics, businessmen, and civil society activists. The group discussed topics such as the current state of affairs in Cyprus and the possible impact of the economic crisis and the hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean on the resolution of the Cyprus problem.

The ideas put forth during the roundtable discussions at the first nine rounds are summarized in GPoT Center’s publication entitled The Heybeliada Talks: Two Years of Public Diplomacy on Cyprus (2011), which is available for your download here.

The 12th round of the Heybeliada Talks took place with the financial support of the Open Society Foundation – Turkey.

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