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Erik Boel Talks Turkey's Way Through the European Union's Needle's Eye

It is the pleasure of GPoT Center to host Erik Boel, former President at the European Movement Denmark, as a key-note speaker during today's roundtable on EU-Turkey relations in Istanbul.

The roundtable discussion, entitled "Turkey on Its Way Through the European Union's Needle's Eye", focused on EU-enlargement and the opportunities and challenges for Turkey EU-membership, the perceptions of Turkey in European countries, the economic crisis and prospects for Turkey's economic growth, and Turkey's role as an influential regional player amid changes in the Middle East and the region of Northern Africa. During the roundtable, Mr. Boel said "Turkey can play an utmost important role when it comes to promoting democracy and human rights in this part of the world".

Addressing the Turkish EU-bid and the skeptical stances towards full accession, he argued: "EU is based on diversity, and should be based on diversity". Along these lines, he also argued that the issue of Turkish immigration to Europe should be considered a positive asset because of the young and well-educated population in the country.

Present at the event were think-tank representatives, academics, and high-level journalists.

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