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Turkey - Armenia Journalism Award Ceremony

Global Political Trends Center (GPoT) together with Armenia-based Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) and Yerevan Press Club (YPC) held the Annual Journalism Award Ceremony both in Armenia and Turkey in the year of 2011.

The Annual Journalism Award is part of the “Support to Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement” project, which seeks to support Armenia-Turkey rapprochement by facilitating engagement between civil society groups, establishment and development of business partnerships and regional professional networks, and enhanced understanding between the people, for peace and economic integration in the region. GPoT and YPC established the Journalism Award in order to recognize journalists with the highest quality and most engaging media publications on Armenian-Turkish issues. A jury of three Armenian and three Turkish media experts regularly reviewed publications by Armenian and Turkish journalists.

The award ceremony for an Armenian award recipient was held on May 18, 2011 as part of the Armenia-Turkey Policy and Media Discussions in Yerevan. Eduard Mkhitaryan from Gala TV based in Gyumri, Armenia received the award for his “Tell Me Who’s Your Neighbor?” series of short films featuring Armenia-Turkey relations.

The Turkish award recipient was announced at the Journalism Award Ceremony, which was held on July 7, 2011 at the Consulate General of Belgium in Istanbul. Kadri Gürsel of Milliyet daily newspaper received the award for his several publications on Turkey-Armenia relations. The Consul General of Belgium, Mr. François Del Marmol, and his wife and a member of EPF’s Board of Trustees, Ms. Danielle Del Marmol, hosted the event. The event brought together a number of distinguished opinion makers, media professionals, society representatives from Turkey and Armenia, as well as representatives from several international organizations based in Istanbul.

To read Mr. Kadri Gürsel's article entitled "An Award and Thanks" published in the daily Milliyet following the Award Ceremony, click here.

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