İstanbul Kültür University

Heybeliada Talks - 7th Round

GPoT, with assistance from the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, organized the 7th Heybeliada Meeting this past weekend in Heybeliada, Istanbul.

The Heybeliada Talks are a series of meetings attended primarily by prominent political and civil society figures from Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities, as well as from Greece and Turkey, in order to generate sustainable and productive dialogue and contribute to the solution of the Cyprus problem.

The second-track meeting that was closed to members of the media, unlike in the previous round, featured an equal number of participants from Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities, as well as Greece and Turkey. Participants included MPs, political, legal and property experts, and members of the negotiating teams.

Among the topics discussed were the current state of and the future prospects for the negotiations in light of the present political situation, including the Turkish Cypriot elections, and evaluation of past performances and strategies that have and have not worked.

Aiming to capitalize on the feedback from the participants, GPoT Center began planning for the next round of the Talks, which was planned to take place in mid-Fall.

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