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Roundtable meeting with Ambassador Edward Djerejian

Global Political Trends Center organized a roundtable meeting on March 3rd featuring a presentation with Ambassador Edward Djerejian, the Founding Director of the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, Texas.

Ambassador Djerejian gave a detailed overview of US foreign policy in the Middle East, noting the points on which the new administration’s policies converge with those of the previous ones, as well as where President Obama’s policy has taken a new direction. Among the topics discussed were the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran and its nuclear program, relations with Syria, the situation in Pakistan, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ambassador Djerejian spoke in detail about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he described as “the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict”, referencing previous research carried out by the James A. Baker III Institute involving both parties that delivered optimistic results, despite the gloomy atmosphere of the moment. Djerejian also touched on America’s relationship with the Muslim world in general and the necessity to understand this region thoroughly.

The meeting also marked a starting point for GPoT Center and the James A. Baker III Institute to collaborate again in the future.

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