İstanbul Kültür University

The Non-Copenhagen criteria that are applied to Turkey

GPoT organized a lecture by H.E. Ingmar Karlsson on February 9th, 2010.

The lecture, titled “The Non-Copenhagen criteria that are applied to Turkey,” was delivered by H.E. Ingmar Karlsson, experienced Swedish diplomat and former Consul General of Sweden to Istanbul, as well as GPoT High Advisory Board Member.

In his lecture, Amb. Karlsson specifically laid out the main parameters of the non-Copenhagen criteria, i.e. the absorption capacity of the EU, geographic arguments, security and geopolitical views, as well as the identity factor as it relates to culture and religion. Underlying the fact that the Europeanization process of Turkey has a set of social, political, cultural, and economic dimensions, the Ambassador reminded lecture participants of the pacta sund servanda principle – a basic principle of international law meaning agreements should be kept - and mentioned that the rejection of Turkey’s full membership would have disastrous effects for Europe due to several reasons, including its role on the international stage. Amb. Karlsson also emphasized the importance of Turkey’s reform process, which will necessarily facilitate a healthy integration process.

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