İstanbul Kültür University

Roundtable meeting: 'The New Dynamics in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict'

On 3 June 2009, the Global Political Trends Center (GPoT) organized a roundtable meeting on "The New Dynamics in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Netanyahu-Liebermann Coalition, Obama Administration and Fatah-Hamas Rift", at Istanbul Kültür University.

The Roundtable took place with the participation of Dr. Oded Eran and Mr. Mordehai Amihai, Israeli Consul-General in Istanbul. The meeting was intended to focus on the current developments in Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the evolution of the Middle East Peace Process.

During the meeting, it was primarily underlined that the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be the most appropriate solution and is currently supported by the majority of Israelite people and the government. It has also been pointed out to the difficulty which arises from the divided Palestine and to the necessity that Hamas recognizes Israel in order to advance peace talks between the parties. Under the fresh breeze atmosphere caused by the transformations of governments (Israel, West Bank, US and Iran) rooted over the chronic problems in the Middle East, steps are being taken towards a new process.

It has also been argued that the main issues which jeopardize the peace process between Israel and Palestine are; Israeli settlements (to which US provided 10 billion dollars of credit guarantee in order to solve this problem), the situation of refugees and the sharing of Jerusalem. Currently, there is an urgent need to discuss them so as to submit a comprehensive plan.

It has been emphasized that Iran is currently trying to increase its influence on the region, and that Iran's nuclear program, which endangers the peaceful efforts in the region, will be re-evaluated according to results of the elections to be held on 12th of June. However, it has been affirmed that an eventual change in government would not dramatically change the main picture.

Turkey’s role in the Middle East with regards to the conflicts in Palestine, Iran and Syria are also welcomed positively and it has been stated that the dialogue with Hamas is of utmost importance. It has also been remarked that the unresolved problems in Middle East are directly or indirectly influencing Turkey; therefore it becomes more and more important to ensure a better coordination and dialogue between the countries seeking for a definitive resolution. Besides, the membership of Turkey to the EU has a strategic importance, which is definitively supported by Israel.

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