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Roundtable meeting on“Turkey-EU Relations: Recent Developments and New Prospects”

Roundtable meeting on “Turkey-EU Relations: Recent Developments and New Prospects”

On 27 April 2009, the Global Political Trends Center (GPoT) organized a roundtable meeting entitled “Turkey-EU Relations: Recent Developments and New Prospects” at Istanbul Kültür University with the participation of a group of the most prominent opinion leaders and diplomats of Turkey.

The roundtable meeting, which took place with the participation of Jean-Christophe Filori, member of the Cabinet of the Commissioner for Enlargement, Olli Rehn, where he is responsible for questions relating to Turkey. On the same day, Mr. Filori also attended to 26th meeting of Turkey-EU Joint Consultation Committee in Istanbul where a number of issues such as cooperation on research and development, energy supply policies, EU’s free trade agreements with non-EU member states and their impacts on Turkish-EU economic relations were elaborated.

The meeting was intended to be a discussion platform on the current developments in Turkey-EU relations and the new prospects with regards to the evolution of Turkey’s EU accession process.

Mr. Filori gave a speech on the state-of-play of Turkey – EU relations and a background information on the accession talks started with the agreements of EU leaders on December 2004. During the Questions and Answers Sessions, the recent developments between Turkey – European Union relations and new prospects for the near future have been focused under main topics and parameters.

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