İstanbul Kültür University

Roundtable meeting: Turkey-Armenia Dialogue: New Prospects

GPoT organized a roundtable meeting entitled “Turkey – Armenia Dialogue: New Prospects” at Istanbul Kültür University with the participation of a group of Turkish journalists, academicians and civil society representatives.

The roundtable meeting, which took place with the participation of Yerevan Press Club President Boris Navasardyan, was intended to cover a discussion on the current situation of TurkeyArmenia dialogue and the prospects as regards to the opening of borders and the reactions from Turkish and Armenian side, as well as from international community.

During the meeting, the various aspects and current developments of Turkish – Armenian relations were discussed, especially regarding the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, the opening of borders between Turkey and Armenia, the positive and negative factors which influence rapprochement process. One of the most important argumentations that came out from the meeting was that; the temporary power balance and the real politics in the region determined by the main actors is affecting the policies and the prospects for a rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey. Even though these two countries have been working hard to devise a comprehensive and satisfactory formula for their relations, a number of deadlocks are blocking this process.

On the other hand, it has been also argued that; President of Armenia Serzh Sarkisian’s invitation to Turkish President Abdullah Gul to attend a soccer match and the acceptation of Turkish president to come to Armenia was a strong factor which launched the rapprochement process between two countries. The role of the media and the positive evolution of the public opinion are also underlined as considerable parameters which determine the process. The mutual benefits of two countries from such a rapprochement are also emphasized, focusing on political and economical aspects.

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