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Roundtable meeting: On the way to the G-20 London Summit

In collaboration with the British Embassy in Ankara, Global Political Trends Center (GPoT) organized a roundtable meeting on the global economic crisis and the G20 London Summit that was held in April 2009.

The meeting was intended as a preparation for the G-20 London Summit. The participants included civil society representatives, academicians, Union members, business world representatives and journalists from Turkey. The meeting was realized with the support of Referans Newspaper, Hurriyet Daily News and EDAM. During the meeting, the various aspects of the global economic crisis were discussed especially regarding its effects on Turkey. At the end, policy recommendations were proposed for the Summit in London with respect to the global economic crisis. One of the most important messages that came out from the meeting was that since this is a global economic crisis we are facing, the solution also has to be a global one. Therefore, international coordination and cooperation was deemed necessary to overcome the challenges.

The London Summit 2009
What is the London Summit?
On the 2 April 2009 world leaders gathered in London to address the global financial crisis.

- Graphics on unemployment in Turkey - Salim Uslu, The Chairman of HAK-IS.doc
- Topics that need to be tackled during the London Summit 2009 - Salim Uslu, Chairman of

- Suggestion from Ziya Akkurt, CEO & Vice Chairman of Ak Investment, on the way to the G-20 London Summit
- Suggestions from Ali Agaoglu, Fortune-Turkey, Editor in Chief, on the way to the
G-20 London Summit

- Suggestions from A. Botan Berker, Director - Fitch Ratings Turkey, on the way to
the G-20 London Summit

- G20 HMA Speech
- Recession
- Ceren Z. Ak - Ekonomik Krizde İnsan Hakları ve Azınlıklar
- Pınar Eczacıbaşı'nın katkısı

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