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Turkey-Armenia Journalism Award 2015 finds its recipient

Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center organized the fifth annual Turkey-Armenia Journalism Award Ceremony on 11 June 2015 at the Residence of the United States Consulate in Istanbul. In the event that was attended by Istanbul based journalists, academicians, and civil society representatives, the 2015 award went to Milliyet’s Mehveş Evin, for her article “1915: Genocide or not?”

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The ceremony’s host US Consul General Charles F. Hunter emphasized the importance of the freedoms of press and expression. GPoT Center’s Director Prof. Mensur Akgün referred to the role of the media on the path to dialogue, and thanked journalists for their contribution in this manner. The award’s recipient Mehveş Evin drew attention on Hrant Dink’s constructive and reconciliatory role between the two societies.

After eliminating approximately 35 columns written by more than 20 journalists, jury members Oral Çalışlar, Mensur Akgün, and Sylvia Tiryaki found Evin most suitable for the award, for her article published by Milliyet “1915: Genocide or not?”.

The Turkey-Armenia Journalism Award was established in 2011 in order to recognize journalists with the highest quality and most engaging media publications on Armenian-Turkish relations, and to support the rapprochement process between the two countries.

Among former recipients of the award are Milliyet’s Kadri Gürsel, Gala TV’s Eduard Mkhitaryan, Yerkir Medya’s Lilit Gasparyan, Yeni Şafak’s Hilal Kaplan, Today’s Zaman’s Markar Esayan, and Radikal’s Oral Çalışlar.

GPoT Center would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Consulate General of the United States in Istanbul for hosting the 2015 Award ceremony at the residence of the Consul General.

Click here to read Mehveş Evin's article in English on Hurriyet Daily News

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