İstanbul Kültür University

Human Security Challenge Game

GPoT Center organized an activity on Human Security Challenge, which was facilitated by Human Security Collective’s Jeanne Abdulla under the auspices of Istanbul Kültür University (IKU). The event, which was attended by students of International Relations in IKU, consisted of an interactive game and was followed by a briefing session discussing the lessons learned and the challenges faced during the activity.

The Human Security Challenge: "In a world that is increasingly complex, diverse, interrelated and interdependent on global, national, organizational, and personal level there is a need to acknowledge that complex security issues require new approaches and concepts towards ensuring safety in communities. During the Human Security Challenge, players are put in a security situation where they try to reach national goals while being confronted with the results of neglecting complex security concerns. As gradually becomes clear in the game, it is not easy to deal with complex security concerns as they are multi dimensional and require a multi stakeholder approach. The Human Security Challenge is designed to confront people in solving complex security concerns and inspire them to think about possible solutions."

As an organization conducting a wide range of projects on reconciliation through dialogue, GPoT Center supports activities on youth leadership that seek to strengthen the capacity of youth in the field, and looks forward for future opportunities to continue contributing to this mission.

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