İstanbul Kültür University

Book Launch: “Sociology of Diplomacy”

On behalf of GPoT Center, it was our great pleasure to host a distinguished group of academicians and diplomats as well as students for the launch of the book “Sociology of Diplomacy” edited by Dr. Milan Jazbec, Ambassador of Slovenia to Turkey and Associate Professor of diplomacy, and published by Istanbul Kültür University. The event took place in the premises of Istanbul Kültür University on 26 November 2014. 

During the meeting, Ambassador Jazbec not only introduced the new and emerging sub-discipline, sociology of diplomacy, but also addressed the EU-Turkey relations from an analytical approach.
Believing in the importance of interdisciplinary studies in the fields of diplomacy and peace-building, GPoT Center hopes that the newly published book will encourage studies that contribute to international relations not only theoretically but also practically.

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