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Ambassador (R) Alon Liel

Ambassador (R) Alon Liel

Alon Liel holds B.A., M.A. and PhD degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Liel wrote his doctoral dissertation on “The dependence of Imported Energy and its Impact on Turkey's Foreign Policy” in 1986.
Alon Liel has served for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in various positions; the head of the Israeli mission in Turkey (1981-1983), the Foreign Ministry spokesman and the member of the Israeli negotiating team at the Taba talks with Egypt (1985–1987), Ambassador to South Africa in (1992-1994), Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Planning (1994-1996), Foreign Policy Advisor to Ehud Barak (1997-1999), Director General of the Foreign Ministry (2000-2001).
Alon Liel is the author of several books namely Turkey in the Middle East – Oil, Islam and Politics (1993), Black Justice – The South African Upheaval (1999), Turkey – The Military, Islam and Politics (1999), Turkey in the Middle East (2001), Demo Islam, Turkey’s New Regime (2003). He has taught courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University on Turkey and the Middle East politics.
Alon Liel was the board member of Gazit Inc. (biggest real estate company in Israel). He was the chairman of the Israel-Turkey Business Council between 2002-2006. Alon Liel is the chairman of the Global Code Ltd.
Alon Liel is the president of the Jewish-Arab soccer club, Abu Gosh-Mevaseret. He is also the founder and the chairman of the Israel-Syria Peace Society.

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